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Photo of Loretta Sanchez attending the Real Goodwill Tour and meeting Goodwill workersCongresswoman Loretta Sanchez attends the Real Goodwill Tour and meets with Goodwill workers.

Awareness Events

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The Real Goodwill Tour

Twice monthly, we offer a complimentary, hassle-free tour of our operation called ‘The Real Goodwill’. If you want to see happy people at work, come join our tour. It’s an amazing, eye-opening view into our remarkable world. Many people think of Goodwill as a place to donate used good items or a thrift store to get great deals. When you make a donation or shop in one of our stores, you are actually creating an opportunity for a person with a disability or other barrier to become independent at home, work, or school.

You'll hear from our volunteer and staff leadership and meet individuals who have forged their freedom because of Goodwill's comprehensive programs and services. The Real Goodwill tour is complimentary and no one will be asked to make a financial contribution. Tours begin exactly when scheduled so please plan to arrive on time.

Upcoming The Real Goodwill tours:

The program is held at:

Goodwill of Orange County’s Main Campus
410 North Fairview St, Santa Ana, CA 92703. Phone: (714) 547-6308
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Contact Us

To RSVP or for more information, please call Community Development:

714.480.3355 or via email.

Can't attend one of the dates above? We can bring The Real Goodwill to you! We are now offering an off-site Real Goodwill program at your home or office. The presentation will last approximately 20 minutes leaving you with plenty of time to socialize or continue your regularly scheduled meeting.

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Rise to the Challenge Tour

Goodwill of Orange County’s Rise to the Challenge tour provides first-hand experience of how people living with disabilities or chronic illness are improving their overall health and fitness. The Goodwill Fitness Center is a fully accessible, 12,000 sq. ft. facility located in Santa Ana, and every month we offer individuals, corporations and fitness-related businesses an opportunity to tour this one-of-a-kind center

It’s widely known that people living with disabilities face greater challenges to maintain their overall level of health and fitness. A recent survey showed Goodwill Fitness Center members experience increased personal independence, enhanced strength, confidence to live a fuller life and greater mobility… as well as gaining new and lasting friendships.

We invite you to join in us for one of our upcoming tours and learn how the Goodwill Fitness Center is not only building strong muscles, but fulfilling dreams – and not only raising heart rates, but raising spirits!

We look forward to having you as our guest on one of our upcoming tours.

Upcoming Rise to the Challenge tours:

The program is held at:

The Goodwill Fitness Center
1601 E. St Andrew, Santa Ana, CA 92705 (across from the Ingram Micro Campus). Click for Map

Contact Us

To make a tour reservation, contact Elizabeth Toumajian:

714.361.6180 or via email.

Can't attend one of the dates above? We can arrange a special tour for you or your group.

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