Assistive Technology Exchange Center (ATEC)

Child using an assistive technology device to learn to communicateKourtney is able to more fully communicate thanks to assistive technology and other learning tools that help her connect to family and friends.

Gives a voice to a girl who cannot speak, or hands to a young man who has lost his ability to type

Our staff of speech pathologists and rehabilitation engineers evaluate individuals, develop strategies, and provide equipment that enables and empowers our participants at home, school, and work.

Our services include:

  • Developing strategies to enable each person to participate more fully in everyday life
  • Providing evaluations that result in technology recommendations, equipment set-up and training, technical assistance and consulting services
  • Offering equipment loan and reuse, and support to people who are learning how to use assistive technology
  • Enabling people who currently don’t have a way to express themselves by teaching them how to use voice and other communication technology tools
  • Inspiring greater independence and joy by encouraging successful, ongoing use of assistive tools for speech, hearing, vision loss; physical, cognitive and neurological impairment; and other aids for daily living

Our equipment library includes:

  • Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) devices and systems
  • Alternative Computer Access (alternative mice, keyboards, switches,eye gaze, etc.)
  • Software for word prediction, speech recognition, screen magnification, and screen reading
  • iDevices with apps for assistive technology and communication
  • Talking word processors

With the help of Goodwill’s Assistive Technology Exchange Center, Dalton has made huge improvements in his ability to learn and connect with people. His focus and confidence are off the charts.

Chris, Dalton’s aide

Helping individuals lead more fulfilling lives

Since 1996 Goodwill has helped thousands of children and adults with disabilities improve their daily lives through ATEC. And that number is growing.

In 2013 alone we helped over 400 people. People with few options, whose well-being matters. People like Jorge. See for yourself how technology helped him tap the sentence, “I completed last night’s homework” — and then went on to graduate from high school.

Their personal achievement and success matter deeply to us. It’s central to our mission of helping individuals lead more fulfilling lives.

And we know we can grow on this kind of success — with your help.

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ATEC services can be provided at home, school, or work environment. Or better yet, here at Goodwill of Orange County’s new 7,000 square-foot ATEC Fitness and Technology Center in Santa Ana.

Call us: 714.361.6200 or

Assistive Technology Exchange Center (ATEC)
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